Closing a sitting of the Public Humanitarian Council, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych suggested approving the minutes, where the Concept of creation and work of the National Public Broadcasting Company is laid forth, presidential press office reported.

“Hanna Herman initiated the creation of this Public broadcasting in Ukraine. We all feel the necessity of its creation,” the Head of state said.

“For 19 years this issue has been talked over, politicians have been playing around with it from election to election promising that it will be done. It is time it should be done,” Viktor Yanukovych said and added that he waits for proposals from the Humanitarian Council members and from Hanna Herman personally.  

“Mrs. Herman, I am convinced that this step will open a new page in Ukraine. The public asks us all the time, I reiterate, from one election to another, and I have passed a lot of them, - it will definitely receive the answer it has waited for many years, virtually for all the years of independence. The Humanitarian Council should vote for this Concept. It will become the basis for the law I am going to sign in the near future,” the Head of state summed up.   

Upon unanimous approval of the Concept, the President asked the Public Humanitarian Council members to motion “one more important point,” namely a situation in health care sector.

“It is a very important issue. We will also have to approve the Concept of development of health care sector. It will cover many points… The matter concerns financing, allocation of these funds by priorities, etc. The priorities we with you set will later determine the implementation of this program,” the Head of state pointed out.


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