President Viktor Yanukovych  called "irreversible" the process of development and expansion of press freedom in Ukraine. He said this in his reply to the letter of  the International Press Institute, which contained evidence of harassment of journalists and the media.

The president assured  he had always been and remains open to the press. "I do my best to make the journalists feel free in Ukraine. By the way, recently, a very sharp journalist has even accused the Presidential Administration of “spreading no propaganda" and having no influence on TV channels’ policy. I took this criticism as a great compliment. I want us to spread no propaganda, impose no vision of ours on journalists, but give them the opportunity to truly write about life of the society," he said in his response.

However, he noted that journalism in Ukraine may be different. According to Yanukovych, some of the articles and programs are blatantly sponsored. "Some of them are unprofessional and are not backed up by verification of facts they present, etc.. I understand that it is due to the process of development. And along with the development of democratic processes in Ukraine, the standards of journalism will also grow," he said.

The president  called to work together in the atmosphere of goodwill in order to help Ukraine follow the path of democracy.

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