The Prime Minister of Ukraine is extremely dissatisfied with the level of payment by heating delivering enterprises for the gas consumed. "Heating delivering companies have paid only 55% of gas consumed. How should we understand this?" Mykola Azarov underlined, that the problem of water channels arrears for electricity should be solved.

"In 2010 we must solve this problem and forget about it. We will draw no debt to 2011, all of them will be settled this year. We have to focus on it," he said, Cabinet's press office reported.

Azarov set task for the ministers and heads of RSA to minimize heat and water loss at supply to consumers through the networks. According to him, the loss of water during supply in the Lugansk region makes 56% in Chernivtsi - 45% in Lviv - 42%, and in the whole country - up to 30%. Prime Minister informed that the heat loss in the Transcarpathian region makes 42%, in Ivano-Frankivsk - 23%.

"We must not lay the mismanagement existing in the country on people’s shoulders. Moreover, for the biggest part of population the increase of tariffs will be intangible: for them the budget will pay, that means the subsidy from the state budget will increase," he concluded.

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