The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, has adopted a Law on the election of the deputies of the Crimean Supreme Council, local councils and the heads of villages, towns and cities.

While considering the document at second reading, the lawmakers did not support the amendment proposing to allow self-nomination for the post of mayor. The wording of the law passed at first reading, under which only a political party can nominate a candidate for mayor, remained in force.

The parliament also rejected the amendment that foresaw that not only the local organizations of political parties registered a year before local elections, but also other local organizations registered in a manner prescribed by law could participate in the elections.

According to the decision taken by MPs, on October 31, 2010, elections will be conducted in all local authorities, except the election of Kyiv mayor, the elections to Kyiv Regional Council and the elections to Ternopil Regional Council. A total of 256 lawmakers voted for such a proposal.

The law envisages a mixed system of elections. Half of the total number of local council deputies is elected on the lists of political parties in a multi-mandate constituency. The other half is elected under a majority system in single-mandate constituencies.

The participation of the blocs of political parties in the local elections is not stipulated by the document.


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