President Viktor Yanukovych held a meeting with law enforcement and other government agencies’ leadership dedicated to fighting crime and drug trafficking.

In his opening remarks, Viktor Yanukovych said: "Our today’s meeting is caused by the need to take drastic measures to overcome the situation of a growing crime rate in the country, which in my view is critical.

Clearly, the overwhelming number of problems arose neither today, nor yesterday. They were left to us as a legacy from our predecessors. I must admit that the fight against crime and drug trafficking has been, and so far, I do stress – so far – is unsystematic, chaotic and inefficient. Unfortunately, I  see no initiative from law enforcement agencies, neither any warnings, which I think would be  logical from the Ministry of Health Care."

The president criticized the law enforcemenr bodies for neglecting their direct duties.

"I consider the attitude of relevant bodies’ leadership towards carrying out their duties formal and sometimes irresponsible. Much is done so far by inertia, as it has been done in recent years. There are some short but demonstrative examples.

Serious crimes rate has increased by 40% in average across the country. The highest rates are in Crimea, Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad regions. Thus, the rate of solved crimes dropped from 77.4% to 71%. In Crimea and Dnipropetrovsk it has decreased from 65% to 62%," he said.

Yanukovych paid special attention to the problem of drug smuggling and distribution.

"I am particularly concerned about the situation with drug trafficking in Ukraine, especially among the minors. I think law enforcement authorities do not do enough to eradicate and prevent this evil. I would even call their actions a crime.

How can we say that something is being done if one can buy the whole range of drugs on the Internet? Are you aware of this, dear chairmen? Ministers, Attorney General?" he said.

President Yanukovych has demonstrated to participants of the meeting and media representatives the samples of drugs, which officers of relevant department of the Presidential Administration deliberately bought in preparation for today's event by order of the Head of State. Among the purchased substances were marijuana, cocaine, other drugs, psychotropic substances and dangerous prescription medicine.

"Why do "shopping networks" that distribute drugs still exist? Why is Ukrainian law and relevant international obligations violated so shamelessly? Who is responsible for that? Who does poison people, the youth?" said Yanukovych.

"The situation with fighting narcotic and psychotropic substances trafficking in Ukraine is critical. And Ministry of Health Care fights the problem poorly, too. For instance, our neighbors have twice as much of substances banned. In Ukraine, on the other hand, one can buy anything he likes and circulation of these substances is sometimes going on through healthcare facilities.

As a result, drug dealers focus their efforts on bringing this poison to Ukraine. In fact, this is a gangsterism with the face of an office worker. In this case the law protects interests of drug mafia. And there is no initiative from the Ministry of Health Care.

I think the result of today's meeting should be an action plan of systematic and uncompromising fight against crime and illegal drugs trafficking.

The impunity of a separate crime is a sentence to the whole society. Every crime left unpunished breeds new crime. We must break this terrible chain of crimes and give people confidence in secure and safe future," the president summed up.


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