Soon Ukraine will have an effective mechanism of implementing reforms, said President Viktor Yanukovych in Zaporizhia at the enlarged meeting of the Regional Committee on Economic Reforms, according to the presidential press office.

According to the President, regional committees would become an important component of this mechanism. "All the priority projects will be supported at the state level," said Viktor Yanukovych.

President Yanukovych reminded that main objective of draft plan of reforms until 2014, announced on June 2, was "improving citizens’ well-being and building a strong state, which is able to protect everyone”. He reiterated that it is achievable only through making the economy competitive and the governance - effective. In this context, Viktor Yanukovych stressed it is important to attract more investment into the economy. It also applies to Zaporizhia region, he said.

"It is wrong and unnatural that so few investment projects are realized in such a region," he said. In President’s opinion, the situation would change soon as already now the revival of national economy is observable. In last 5 months the GDP growth was 6.1%, the growth of industrial production was 12,6%, export increase was 31% and import increase was 16%. "This is a real sign that the economy begins to revive, and that today it needs an impetus," he said.

Addressing Chairman of State Agency for Investment and Development Oleksandr Taran, who also took part in the meeting, President Yanukovych requested him to provide a report on development of the appropriate infrastructure and training of investment specialists in government agencies and companies in the regions of Ukraine.

According to President Yanukovych, local and central authorities should identify priority investment projects. He also said that each region of Ukraine should organize a competition among investment projects and added that he expects the first such event to be held in the nearest future. "Determine one of the best prepared regions and organize such an event," he said, referring to Oleksandr Taran.

"Generally, I am satisfied with the business atmosphere of today’s meeting. The correct approach to realization of economic reforms requires turning to innovative investment for economic growth," said Viktor Yanukovych.

He added that the new Tax Code to be put at public hearings already this week would certainly facilitate attracting investments in the national economy. President Yanukovych expressed thought that the document would be adopted before the end of current parliamentary session.

Speaking about local issues of Zaporizhia, Viktor Yanukovych emphasized that first of all the construction of bridge across the Dnipro in the city of Zaporizhia should be finished. According to him, as for today it is agreed that the state will finance the expenditures that cannot be covered by loans. In his view, such an approach "will allow speeding up the construction at least twice."

Addressing Zaporizhstal leadership, President Yanukovych stressed that he expects the company to prepare a program of environmental rehabilitation for Zaporizhia. According to him, Zaporizhstal should do it together with Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine. "I promised that we would do everything to improve the environmental situation in the city," he said, adding that other companies of the region should join Zaporizhstal in the process, too.

At the meeting Viktor Yanukovych also drew attention of local authorities to the importance of de-politicization of staffing. "Do not politicize the staffing policy please. You must make your decisions based upon professional qualities," he said.

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