In response to Tymoshenko's actions and addres to the nation last evening the Party of Regions issued a statement which says that the days of Tymoshenko in power are over.

"Despair of Tymoshenko is getting more obvious as the time of her dismissal from the post of prime minister is coming. People have already rejected her, and Verkhovna Rada will do the same. By her speech last night Tymoshenko showed that she does not have a slightest understanding of democracy," the statement says, according to the press office of the party.

"She lost these elections. The whole world witnessed her defeat and confirmed the justice of choice of Ukrainian people. Her reaction to defeat is getting less and less adequate.

At first she tried to undermine trust to the electoral process. All groups of international observers said she was wrong and should acknowledge the election results.

Then she tried to undermine trust to the international observers, but the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine did not accept her weak arguments.

Afterwards she tried to undermine trust to the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine arguing that the court does not accept her solicitation.

Now she is stirring up hysterics and is trying to recreate a non-existent coalition in Verkhovna Rada. The coalition halted its existence due to her failed ruling, disastrous economic policy and inadequate, dictatorial line," the statement reads.

MP of the party are convinced that the Verkhovna Rada "will reject Tymoshenko just like the Ukrainian people, the international community and the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine have done."

"When everyone rejects her, she will still continue to accuse everyone. Because she accepts only two points of view: hers and wrong. Tymoshenko thinks that everyone who does not agree with her is a criminal undermining the independence of Ukraine.

She should stop and think it over. Then she might come to the right conclusion. She is guilty, but not everyone around her. The days of her lie and avoiding of responsibility are over. She was rejected, and soon she will take her deserved place in the opposition," the statement says.

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