Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko gave interview to Odessa Regional TV, during which he spoke about the draft Constitution he had suggested, president's press office reported.

Specifically, the President called for the need to separate political and administrative functions of the Parliament by establishing upper and lower chambers and introducing open candidates lists at the election the Verkhovna Rada to stop the criminalization of power. Yushchenko also called for lifting parliamentary immunity and strengthening anti-corruption legislation that, among other things, should include the establishment of the National Bureau of Investigation.

The President expressed doubt that the two largest parliamentary factions would support these initiatives. "Do you think the BYuT and the Party of Regions would vote for my suggestions? They will not because it is a conflict of interests. They are interested in such a climate", he said.

The President also reminded that the draft Constitution has been put on nationwide discussion. "National discussion has ended. The answers on how to fight corruption have been written and presented. I win the election and we make the Parliament to approve these initiatives, or if it doesn’t, I dissolve the Parliament and address the nation with a referendum on the Constitution", said  Yushchenko.


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