In addition to the existing gas transit system of Ukraine (GTS) it is economically sound to build several new lines. They will cost the future partners in a consortium ten times cheaper than the bypass gas pipelines, says Ukraine's Foreign Minister Petro Poroshenko. 

“I admit no discussion on the change of the pattern of ownership for the GTS. But we have been talking even since 2005 that in addition to the existing GTS, having the capacity of transporting almost 140 billion cubic meters a year, it will be economically reasonable to build several new branches that would cost either the Russian taxpayer or any other our partner ten times cheaper,” Poroshenko said, according to UKRINFORM

He also added that 'we are ready not just to speak about the format of ownership of a newly-built part of the GTS, but we are also interested in'. 

According to Poroshenko, negotiations on the creation of this consortium are planned to be launched even next year. 

He believes that a unified price policy, as well as a multilateral format of gas talks should become a key to solving the current problems in gas sector. 

The Ukrainian gas transit system annually delivers around 75 billion cubic meters of natural gas for domestic consumers and 110-120 billion cubic meters for consumers in 19 European states.


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