"Ukraine has never been so close to the answer to question of continuation of the European integration, as at the presidential elections of January 2010. On the other hand, Ukraine has never been so close to the edge, over which this policy is retracted”, said President Viktor Yushchenko today at joint press conference with the President of the European Council, Prime Minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt and the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso after the plenary meeting of the XIII Summit Ukraine - EU.

The President called the 2010 elections in Ukraine the race of two concepts: "One concept says that we should go home and that home is Europe ... There is a second option, and it is backed by my key competitors; this option is to go back and live in yesterday”, he said.

Victor Yushchenko emphasized that it is "a difficult test for the Ukrainian society”. He expressed firm belief that it would be a grave mistake to abandon the European integration course.

The President stressed that his wish is that the Ukrainian nation honored freedom and the achievements of recent years. "If democracy and European choice don not win, it will be a disaster", he said, adding that the choice in this matter is entirely in the hands of the Ukrainian nation.


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