Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma (1994-2004) has thanked Ukrainians who called on him to participate in the upcoming presidential elections.

However, Kuchma said in a statement posted on his website that "new politicians should currently be at the helm of the state". "It's necessary to look and move forward, refrain from disputes and squabbles, and start a new productive stage of the economic and social development of the country," he said.

Kuchma said that among registered presidential candidates "there are worthy ones who could create an effective government team and use it to solve current large-scale and urgent tasks." He expressed confidence that the Ukrainian people will manage to elect a "consistent and responsible politician" for the post of Ukraine's president.


Спасибо за Вашу активность, Ваш вопрос будет рассмотрен модераторами в ближайшее время