President Viktor Yushchenko is confident that pre-term parliamentary elections should be held right after the presidential, he said this in an interview to the BBC

In particular, the parliamentary elections and the constitutional amendments should be a single package.
"When we speak about the parliamentary problem, obviously, the parliament, as it is today, has no prospect. That is why, the question about the parliamentary elections will be brought up by every presidential runner," he said.  
The sooner the snap parliamentary elections are held, the better will be, and the country will faster find the system of responsibility, the system of arrangement of the parliamentary work. "I think this could be done by August," Yushchenko underlined. 
At the same time he stressed that holding the parliamentary elections based on the current election law will be a great mistake. The President added that the current parliament must adopt a new election law. The presidential election in Ukraine is set for January 17, 2010. The latest parliamentary election was held September 30, 2007.

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