President Victor Yushchenko called on Ukrainian society to actively participate in the discussion and shaping the new Constitution of Ukraine.

"I urge every Ukrainian: if you would like your children live in better Ukraine, I am convinced, your civic duty is to stand next to the President and to the bona fide democratic politicians, who want to shape the basic national law through democratic public debate ", he told a press conference in Kiev, calling on journalists to contribute to this process.

"I ask you to treat this request as priority number one", he said.

Victor Yushchenko said that if the Constitution is not improved now, the nation would lose the opportunity to continue building a democratic Ukraine: "In next 10-15 years we will not have such an opportunity.

Ukrainian President asked Ukrainian people to "abandon hope that someone will do it for us." "Let us not trust politicians. Let us shape the future by ourselves ", he said.


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