President Viktor Yushchenko held a meeting of the Coordination Council on preparation and holding in Ukraine EURO 2012 championship finals, president's press office reported.

Participants of the meeting discussed the current status of preparing the infrastructure in Ukraine to host EURO 2012.

The President said that there was progress in preparation for hosting EURO 2012 in Ukraine as much had been done, especially in construction of sports infrastructure.

Also Yushchenko noted the progress in the preparation of hotel infrastructure. "This assessment of UEFA has changed for better", he said.

However, he stressed, many of the problems still exist due to bad financing. "There are many problems and the first one is that in fact the program itself is funded from the budget at 27%, and if you take the construction and reconstruction of roads, it is 11%", he said.

Viktor Yushchenko stressed that better consolidation of efforts of all the parties involved in the preparation would allow pushing many projects in preparation to hosting EURO 2012 events forward


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