President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko will try to warn US president Barrack Obama on that the Russian attack towards Georgia in 2008 is a threat for Europe. Yushchenko expressed this point of view in an interview with Bloomberg.

Yushchenko, who might have a meeting with Obama in New-York, said that “any revision of borders increases instability in Eastern Europe and threats global safety.” He also called to demark the borders between Ukraine and Russia and noted that this process has been impeded by Russia since Ukraine’s independence in 1991.

“What happened in Georgia is not a problem of Georgia, but of the European Union. The loss of the border integrity by Georgia means that the same may happen in Europe. We have become more vulnerable,” the president said.

Yushchenko also underlined that Ukraine must join NATO in order to protect its orders. “Every time I ask about this issue I receive silence in response. Europe must learn to speak as one voice. Not only Ukraine will gain from joining NATO, but Europe as well,” Yushchenko underscored.

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