The Gov’t will carry out all social obligations to the miners. The Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko declared in her speech pronounced during celebrations of the Miner’s Day in Sverdlovsk of Luhansk region, government portal reported.

The Head of Government assured the miners that from September already miner’s families would use privileges in payment for utilities. “Already in October the miner’s families will receive a special compensation for September’s communal services: electricity, heat and gas,” Yulia Tymoshenko promised and added this issue was under her personal control.

The Premier informed pursuant to the approved law “On prestige of miner’s labour” the Gov’t would raise salaries for miners, in particular by 30% for the first category of workers.

Furthermore, Yulia Tymoshenko disclosed that by October 15, which is the start of a heating season, the Government will cover 100% all debts of the country for domestic coal to the workers of coal branch.

The Prime Minister also said the Government would spare no efforts to resume prestige of miner’s labour. As the Head of Government put it, competition in the likeness of Stakhanov’s movement has to be resumed in Ukraine.


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