The monument to Lenin, that has been recently damaged, will be dismantled, MIGnews reported.

“Lenin will be dismantled while repairing and then Cabinet will seal fate, because it is the place of interest on the national level. The monument has been made of rare Carelian quartzit. Mausoleum in Kremlin is made of it. We have to order quartzit”, chief of the chief cultural heritage committee Ruslan Kukharenko told. According to Kyiv sculptor Oleg Pynchuk, restoration costs UAH 100,000.

If Cabinet does not sanction it, Lenin has a chance to return to the place on boulevard, Segodnya reports.

As a reminder, on Tuesday 5 Ukrainian nationalists broke Lenin’s nose and left palm with club hammer. They have been detained by militia. “The apprehended claimed at the interrogation they will be beating the head of Ukrainains’ butchers. Among apprehended are students, unemployed and body guard from supermarket”, the head of PR Center at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv Vladimir Polishchuk told. They may be put into prison for 5 years.

The nationalists claimed they had been guided by the presidential decrees. According to them, President Viktor Yushchenko ordered to dismantle monuments to those who were involved into organization of Holodomor (the Great Famine) and repressions.

The Hero of Ukraine Yuri Shukhevych applied to President Viktor Yushchenko with a request to defend five nationalists who had broken the face and arm of the monument to Lenin on June 30 at Bessarabka district. It is said about it in Shukhevych’s statement, press service of UNA-UNSO (Ukrainian Nationalist Party-Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense) reported.

“I think it is disgrace that the monuments to such people as Lenin, Dzerzhynsky and others are still standing in our cities and villages. I hope I will do everything possible to protect people having encroached upon the monument to Lenin in Kyiv from criminal responsibility”, Shukhevych noted. Besides, he applied with the same to the Prosecutor General, reports.


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