The BYuT states that PR hopes to dismiss the VRU, and there fore they block the solution of staff issues. The leader of the BYuT faction Ivan Kyrylenko told journalists today, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

According to him, in one of the interviews of PR member Mykola Azarov it is clearly described the plan of the PR – to hold early parliamentary elections at any cost. “The PR is blocking the VRU work now. Their demand on voting for law on increase of living wage and salary is only a pretext of not to consider staff issues,” he said.

Kyrylenko noted that it was impossible to adopt law on increase of the social standards without proper calculations, agreed with the government and position of the state budget and PR knew about it.

As a reminder, today the parliament should consider the staff issue on dismissal and appointment of Finance, Transport and Foreign Ministers and maybe some other Ministers. But the PR blocked the VRU work, demanding to consider and adopt the law on increase of living wage and salary. The VRU will continue its work on June 7.


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