UEFA, the governing board for football in Europe, has announced the names of four Polish cities – but only one for Ukraine, Kiev - to host the Euro-2012 soccer games, according to New Europe.
The final decision on the remaining Ukrainian cities is pending until November 30. Just before the meeting, UEFA had doubts that Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk will be able to host Euro-2012 on the appropriate level, according to a report from Reuters. Three years ahead of the international event, Lviv airport is still a sleepy Soviet-era relic with mural depicting proletarian portraits, a manual (!) system of luggage delivery and outdated passport control booths which would not be able to cope with the thousands of foreign football fans. The Soviet-style station and the surrounding area are also inappropriate to welcome tens of thousands of foreign soccer supporters. Moreover, the roads and public transport in Lviv are still in an appalling situation and there is no sign of dynamic construction activity.

But the city’s Mayor, Andrii Sadovy, said he’s confident that Lviv can manage it on time, but there is still a long way to 2012 to see if it can. In 2007, the European Union issued a grant to help finance the development of the tourism industry in Lviv. The money was to be used to provide bilingual road signs (Ukrainian and English,) establish information points and introduce a series of multilingual plaques around the town to allow the thousands of non-Ukrainian speaking tourists pouring into the city to get more of their trips. Around the city, road signs are now in two languages but in Lviv itself, everything is in Ukrainian.

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