The theme of the Holodomor is still of much concern of government officials. They are so concerned about the case of long past days, so the Security Service of Ukraine could not resist and brought criminal charges on committing genocide in Ukraine in 1932-1933. Why this issue is raised again if there are so many other urgent issues now. Mykhaylo Pogrebinskyi, director of the Kyiv Center for Political and Conflict Studies, told ForUm in an interview.

- Mykhaylo Pogrebinskyi, how do you evaluate the action by North Korea? This is the beginning of war?
- No, the war will not start. Now North Korea has found itself in complete isolation. If in the past China refrained from condemning actions of this country, but now it is not. North Korea is trying to blackmail the international community. I assume that North Korea have very serious problems, for example, the threat of famine, which forced the government to resort to such blackmail. But this happens not for the first time. North Korea has already used this kind of leverage. It helped to get financial and material assistance. But now Korea went too far. With the help of China, it can have serious pressure. I do not think that this pressure will force most likely to impose economic sanctions. But maybe global community will meet North Korea demands and help it financially.

- Is there a chance to unite BYuT and PR?
- Of course. The nominations of ministers are not submitted for voting in the parliament because the topic of wide coalition is not closed yet. During this and next week BYuT and PR may agree to establish a «wide» coalition, or at least on the coordinated action before the presidential election. Then the Government will submit agreed candidates for Ministers.

- The Security Service filed criminal charges on committing genocide in Ukraine in 1932-1933. Why this issue is raised again? 
- It's very simple. SBU has its own functions to be performed. SBU understands that if it does not appease Viktor Yushchenko in his political loyalty, the President will not allow SBU to work. The resumption of the case on genocide - this is for demonstrations of loyalty to the President. There is no sense in it, because all guilty people are dead long ago. And to use the topic of genocide in order to gain the support of public opinion abroad, it also makes no sense.


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