Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko has warned that Ukraine could lose its statehood if his nation fails to unite, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

"If we fail to unite and bring order to our country, then a threat to our national statehood could become real," he said in Kyiv on Wednesday, on the occasion of the 130th birthday of Symon Petliura, the head of the Directory of the Ukrainian People's Republic (UPP) and the chief ataman of the UPP army.

Yuschenko said that Ukraine "is a state, which will itself decide how to defend its security and independence, as well as stabilize its relations with other countries."

He said that while tackling all threats and challenges, Ukraine should be guided by national unity, which guarantees stability.

Yuschenko also said that as the president, he would do everything to consolidate the Ukrainian nation and political elite.


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