The Interior Minister showed his temper long ago. At the beginning of last year, Yuriy Lutsenko in public assaulted with Leonid Chernovetskyi. After that case, the Interior Minister did not leave his post, “his fights” were justified as an act of honest citizen. But how justify a new row with the German police, the Interior Minister, probably does not know the answer, he sent in his resignation instead of the answer.

The OU-PSD member Yuriy Karmazin told ForUm about the incident with Lutsenko, about possible wide coalition in the parliament in an interview.

- Yuriy Karmazin, the Constitutional Court did not agree with the date of presidential elections - 25 October. When are we going to choose a new president?

- The fact that CCU will take the most easy solution, there were no doubts about it. It was much harder to decide when to hold elections. The first and fifth points of the 103 article of the Constitution are contradictory. The first part says that the president is elected for a five-year term, the second - that the elections are held on the last Sunday in October after the fifth year of office.
Let’s assume that the elections will be in January. There will be the first round of elections, then the second round, then the results of the votes would be to sent in court. Thus the President will remain in power for three months longer. It is obvious that the Constitutional Court has not taken it into account. The CCU did not want to share two things: elections and inauguration of new President. The CCU was unable to clarify the case because of the mercantile interests of the judges. I think that in any case the President may not exceed five-year term. Elections should not be held on January 17, but in November.

- However, due to the decision of the CCU, Viktor Yushchenko still has a month to dissolve the VR. Will he sign the decree?

- No, the parliament is not afraid of dissolution. Decision of the person who has 2.2% rating in the country, will not be fulfilled.

- The President promised to do all in order BYuT and PR not to unite. Is it consideration about wide coalition again?

- This is a strange statement. Viktor Yushchenko did everything to combine the BYuT and PR. However, the primary objective was for him to join OU-PSD and the PR.

We do not want a wide coalition between BYuT and PR. Although this variant is not excluded. Individuals in these fractions have a mutual attraction and the same views. Fortunately, such people are a minority.

- Will the scandal with Lutsenko be a catalyst of the coalition split?

- Lutsenko is used for the collapse of the coalition, but coalition withstands to this pressure.

- However, what decision will be taken on the Minister’s resignation?

- While there is no real evidence of illegal actions of Yuriy Lutsenko, we do not take a decision on his resignation.

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