Russia has launched its fifth St George’s ribbon action. Held for the first time in 2005, this action has since spilled over to Ukraine, Estonia, Germany, Britain, the United States of America, and a few other countries. Black-and-orange ribbons of St George’s cross, which was used for the decoration of servicemen in the Russian Empire, will be handed out to those who want to show their appreciation of what the World War II vets did and honor memory of the fallen soldiers. The Far Eastern city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk was one of the first to launch the St George’s ribbon action of 2009.
The St. George Ribbon campaign has become a symbol of people's memory about Russia's sacrifices during WWII. On the eve of Victory Day, May 9, people attach ribbons with black and orange stripes to their car antennas, jackets, backpacks, or beds in hospitals for veterans. Some people do not remove the ribbon for the entire year.
Orange and black are the traditional colors of Soviet and Russian awards for achievements in combat. The black and orange stripes symbolize smoke and fire.


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