The Audit Chambers of both Ukraine and Russia confirm a positive balance of RosUkrEnergo’s debt to Russia’s Gazprom natural gas monopoly in the amount of USD 514.16 million as of February 6, the Russian chamber says, Ukrainian News informs.

On April 20, within the framework of the second meeting of the INTOSAI workgroup in Beijing (China), Russia’s Audit Chamber Head Sergey Stepashin and Ukrainian Audit Chamber Head Valentyn Symonenko signed a joint communique.

A check demonstrated that by February 6, RosUkrEnergo’s indebtedness to the Gazprom group made USD 1.054 billion, and the debt of Gazprom to RosUkrEnergo made USD 540.53 million.

The favorable balance of indebtedness to Gazprom for the natural gas supply is USD 514.16 million.

The document signed emphasizes that cooperation of enterprises with the state participation of Russia and Ukraine in the field of gas supply and its transportation via Ukraine to Europe is a weighty component in the volume of bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

It is called to secure an essential part of state budget revenues, and guarantee the fundamentals of energy security, including of European countries.

«Insufficient settlement of the mechanism of cooperation between Gazprom and national joint stock company Naftohaz Ukrainy, including on the activity of mediation structures, led to suspension of natural gas supply from Russia to Ukraine, and its transit across Ukraine in January,» a statement by the Russian Audit Chamber says.

This caused essential losses on both countries’ national budgets in the form of tax and other payments, the paper reads.

The check conducted by the Russian party showed that the activity of Gazprom, involving the export of natural gas outside Russia, is based on the demands of the federal law of gas export, and international treaties.

The analysis of observance of the Russian laws during the sale of gas outside Russia demonstrated that the delivery of the fuel by Gazprom proceeded according to laws and the contracts concluded.

Gazprom received from the activity of joint venture RosUkrEnergo a profit in the form of dividends totaling USD 750 million for 2006-2007 (as counted by Gazprom).

The real volume of natural gas transit in 2007 totaled 104.3 billion cubic meters, and in 2008 107.1 billion cubic meters.

According to Ukrainian News, in January 2009, during the Ukraine - Russia conflict, the two countries’ audit chambers reached agreement on checking implementation by RosUkrEnergo of the commitments in keeping with foreign trade contracts on the supply of natural gas by Gazprom to Ukraine, and its transportation via Ukrainian territory.


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