Party of Regions stands against of Ukraine to get the second tranche from the IMF on illegal terms. It is said in the official statement of Party of Regions, announced by the deputy chairman of the PR faction Oleksandr Yefremov, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“Nontransparent and illegal decisions of the government of Tymoshenko, which only worsen the people’s life, are adopted only with the purpose to get the second tranche from the IMF. But we must understand that to get a loan is not the aim itself, but one of the tools to struggle against crisis. This instrument can work for the benefit of Ukraine only when every cent of that money comes to the economy but not to the pocket of officials,” Yefremov said.

Yefremov asked what the first tranche was spent for. He noted that nobody knows. “USD 4.5 billion were spent by the government of Tymoshenko,” he added.

According to Yefremov, resolution of the government from April 14 showed that Tymoshenko’s government is ready for power usurpation.

As a reminder, on April 14 the parliament refused to vote for anti-crisis laws and the government held special session and adopted necessary laws.


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