President Viktor Yushchenko will decide on a candidature for the new Minister of Foreign Affairs within a time given by the Constitution, President's press-secretary Iryna Vannykova told a briefing. 

She noted that the Verkhovna Rada resolution on the dismissal of Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko is untimely and groundless. 

“The resolution of the dismissal of the Foreign Minister is untimely and groundless. It is absolutely unreasonable amid aggravation of the economic downturn in the country to weaken the country's foreign policy direction and create new sources for tense. With these decisions the parliament shatters Ukraine's domestic policy balance provoking another haggle over positions instead of effective work. With its votes the BYuT faction [member of the ruling coalition - ed.] has violated agreements on coordinated actions reached during the latest meeting involving the President, the Prime Minister, the Verkhovna Rada Speaker and the NBU Governor,” she noted.


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