The International Monetary Fund Mission has not refused Ukraine in granting next tranche of the credit, it has only “taken an interval” so that the Ukrainian power adopted amendments to the State Budget 2009, National Bank Council Chairman Petro Poroshenko stated on air at the ICTV channel, Ukrinform reported.

He also noted that a sharp growth of the dollar rate in Ukraine is observed only during the week-ends, when the NBU does not enter the Interbank, having added at the same time that “there will never be 7.5 UAH/USD rate. For today the rate of 7.5 UAH/USD is not a weighted rate”.

Poroshenko explained that presently, a sharp devaluation of the national currency took place all over Eastern Europe, and this “process is absolutely natural”, and it is caused by the fact that “by empty promises the people are taught to consume unearned things, not produced by own Ukrainian industry.”

“The Ukrainian food industry and agriculture are able to feed Ukraine... A key slogan under the crisis conditions should be “Buy the Ukrainian!”, he said having added that it is support of the Ukrainian workplaces, ensuring tax revenues to the Ukrainian budget and minimization of consequences, including social, of the world crisis in the Ukrainian economy.


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