Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko declared today that Verkhovna Rada had passed a resolution of confidence in government. She told a briefing commenting on the results of voting after the government’s report. 

“I can state that instead of the resolution of no-confidence in government, the resolution of confidence was voted today. It is clear, at such grave time, the time of recession, when the government daily faces challenges, nobody of these courageous oppositionists want to chair the Cabinet or to be ministers in the government, because they care only for their interests. That’s why, the Party of Regions aimed not at government’s dismissal but at destabilization, humiliation, discredit,” Yulia Tymoshenko is confident.

“I understand very well that today the chair of Prime Minister is attractive for nobody because this work is very hard, responsible and ungrateful. But meanwhile, this voting gives us grounds to keep with implementing our programs, fulfill the budget and do our best to reduce colossal impacts of the global financial crisis on Ukraine,” the premier stressed. 

Moreover, Tymoshenko claimed her intention to strengthen the government with new personnel, “we’ll raise personnel issues on strengthening the Cabinet next session week.” At that she called upon all political forces to consolidate in the issue on helping the citizens of Ukraine and the country on the whole in this difficult period.


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