H-hour has finally come. Yulia Tymoshenko promised to start today essential transformation in the state

The parliament must prove its competence and to vote for a number of draft bills aimed at overcoming the economic crisis in the country. The draft bills include the ban on unauthorized increase of interest rates, the ban on confiscation of credit flats by banks, the changes in the state budget, aggravation of criminal responsibility for overdue wages, grants and illegal dismissal.

A separate paragraph includes draft bills on support for builders and agrarians.

"Recipe of happiness"

On the basis of the above mentioned anti-crisis draft bill, it is planned to "feed" the banks with budget money in exchange for a part of shares, to appoint temporary administrators from the number of officials of the National bank and Finance Ministry, to increase the Fund of guaranteed deposits for physical persons.

The social sector will be reduced. In particular, it is planned to postpone the equalizing of minimal wage (605 UAH) with living wage (715 UAH) to 2011 and to set a moratorium on introduction of new and enlargement of existing privileges, compensations and guarantees.

Serious changes are coming to the sphere of duties and taxes. The Cabinet might have a right to change rates of import duties and to increase excise taxes for petrol, diesel fuel, new cars, ethyl spirit and beer.

Owners of transport vehicles will also have to pay. It is planned to increase tariffs for registration of new and used cars.

Lawyers will have to introduce amendments and changes into 42 laws of Ukraine to carry out the anti-crisis law in case of its adoption.

Who are the doctors?

Realities of the latest days demonstrate a high probability of replacement of the whole economic block of the government, including ministers' posts and portfolios of the Anti-monopoly committee and the State Property Fund.

Experts say that Tymoshenko will ‘donate' the posts of Economy and Finance Ministers to the Lytvyn's bloc. The post of Transport Minister might be also given to "regionals".

Staff rotations may happen in the National bank - it is obvious that the premier feels hostility towards its current chairman Volodymyr Stelmakh. Tymoshenko's demand might be satisfied.

Whether the country will be satisfied is another question... Let's wait till he evening and see for ourselves whether the essential changes for the better has started.


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