Political speculations around the gas subject are connected with an attempt to preserve the mediator-company RosUkrEnergo. This was disclosed by Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko today at a press conference, Cabinet's portal reported.

She stressed that Ukraine meets all engagements to the Russian gas partners, in particular, it timely pays off for the natural gas consumed and provides its transit to the European states. “We meet all our engagements and will do it,” Yulia Tymoshenko stated.

According to the Head of Government, between Ukraine and Russia some technical issues concerning additional volumes of gas pumped in gasholders have been regulated now. The PM noted that Naftohaz and Gazprom leaders had achieved approaches to regulate this issue.

Yulia Tymoshenko explained that in the Ukrainian underground gasholders record volumes had been accumulated – 17 billion cubic meters (last year 4 billion cubic meters) – but warm weather and reduction in worldwide gas consumption prevent from scheduled pumping. At the same time it is impossible to stop gas production and its surplus in underground gasholders continues.

Moreover, Yulia Tymoshenko told that the current gas debt of Ukraine and RosUkrEnergo debt to Gazprom totaling nearly USD 2.2-2.4 billion – are different debts. “This debt (of RosUkrEnergo to Gazprom) has nothing in common with Ukraine’s indebtedness to RosUkrEnergo. This is an independent, proper indebtedness of RosUkrEnergo to Gazprom,” the Ukrainian Prime Minister states.  

“And the fact that political storm is rising around the Naftohaz NJSC means that the last attempt is made by all interested high-ranking politicians of Ukraine to preserve RosUkrEnergo, that is why such hysteria is produced. I want to tell all these high-ranking officials, stop bustling – they will fail in keeping gas corruption,” Yulia Tymoshenko declared.  

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