By December 1 of 2008 NJSC Naftogas of Ukraine will pay back the gas debt to Gazprom for the gas pumped into Ukrainian gas storages and consumed in September of the current year. Head of the Board of NJSC Naftogas of Ukraine Oleh Dubyna announced today at a briefing.

According to him, representatives of NJSC Naftogas of Ukraine held talks yesterday with their Russian colleagues in Moscow concerning the issue of gas debt. The meeting has resulted into an agreement to continue talks the following week.

 “We have come an agreement that by December 1 we will have paid back our debt for September and will meet after December 1 to tackle the situation further, how we are to settle it with Gazprom after December 1, which is slated for the next week,” the head of NJSC Board explained.

Oleh Dubyna declared the debt for gas was influenced by several factors. Warm weather and world fall of consumption have led to the situation when the gas from underground storages is taken at the level lower than planned. Besides, instability of currency rate leads to significant expenses.

At the same time Oleh Dubyna emphasized the Russian party also realizes the situation.

“For today, after negotiations with Gazprom I am pleased to inform they also possess understanding of the situation,” he added.


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