48% of Ukrainians think that the financial crisis does not have direct influence on their personal financial situation.

A “Deloit” official told a press conference in IMC.

According to him, the survey of the consumers’ activity on the threshold of Christmas and New Year holidays revealed that the majority of European states don’t feel negative influence on their personal financial situation.

 “In Ukraine opinions were divided – 52% of population state that the financial crisis effected their financial situation. 38% of Ukrainians also state that the economic situation will get worse,” he noted.

Speaking about job perspectives, 44% of Ukrainians feel safe, while 10% are afraid to lose job.

“In response to the question on whether the financial crisis has influenced their income level, 59% of Ukrainians answered in the affirmative. Every third Ukrainian said that his purchasing power reduced comparing to the previous year. According to the data of the survey, 55% of Europeans and 66% of Ukrainians will reduce their expenses for New Year presents,” the official reported.


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