Poland reports the increase of growth rate of illegal migration of Ukrainians. 1.25 thousand Ukrainians staying illegally in the EU countries have been detained for the first half of the year, which is by 116.6% or 673 people more than in January-June 2007.

According to the data of the Poland border service, Ukrainians are absolute leaders among illegal migrants in Poland.

In particular, Ukrainians make 43.5% out of the total number of the detained illegal migrants in January-June 2008, while the percentage of Ukrainians in the first half of 2007 made 36.6%.

The number of the detained Ukrainians three times more than the number of illegal migrants from
Slovakia, which hold the second place of the list (398 people).

The number of illegal migrants from other countries is from 1 to 174 men.

According to experts, the majority of illegal migrants detained in
Poland try to get to other EU countries, like Germany, Italy, Spain, where they can earn more money than in Poland.


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