Ukrainian servicemen try to hide truth about emergency events at the rocket firing practice during the "Fisher's Knot" maneuvers in the Crimea. The "Krymskaya Pravda" newspaper informs.

It confirms the fact of explosion of a rocket at the firing practice.

"At the third start an emergency event took place. A rocket flew about several meters and exploded. The shell sprinters and fire fell upon the launcher... The combat crew stayed under cover, far from the fire... representative of the press service of the Headquarters of the Ministry of Defence Serhiy Kuzmin told us: "If there is too much of negative in the article, this visit will be the last for you." He was very anxious about information the journalists would deliver concerning this fact, authors of the article write.  

The newspaper states that the words of Kuzmin were not the only attempt of censure from the side of servicemen.

""We were told beforehand by O.Safyanyk, the Head of the Security Service of the station, that all video and audio materials will be checked after the maneuvers. "You have not right to do it legally!" the journalists objected. Another serviceman caught a journalist shooting the empty hospital. "He should be checked!" Safyanyk ordered," authors of the article write.

Earlier the Mass Media delivered information about 2 big emergencies taken place in the Crimea at the "Fisher's Knot" maneuvers. Fortunately, there were neither victims, nor injured.

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine tried to renounce these facts. Minister of Defence of Ukraine Yuriy Yekhanurov stated that at the last maneuvers in the Crimea "all the missiles flew in correct direction", "but there were certain difficulties" which he did not take as significant.


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