Kharkiv city council addressed to the deputies of the State Duma of Russian Federation with a request “to render assistance in official receipt of the archive documents of NKVD-MGB USSR, declassified in 2008 which deal with real activities of OUN-UPA on the territory of Ukraine and neighboring countries”.
The request of the Kharkiv city council to their Russian colleagues was approved on the 23rd session of the city council and published on the official site of the city council.
According to Kharkiv deputies, the criminal activity of OUN-UPA is confirmed by the decisions of Nuremberg international military tribunal, which recognized the activities of the military subdivision Waffen SS, 14th grenadier division “Halychyna”, battalion “Nachtigal” and “Ronald”, formed also from the members of OUN and other nationalist organizations during WW II, as military crime against the humanity.
“… Atrocities of OUN-UPA were directed not only against Poles, Russians, Jews and Gypsies but against own people – Ukrainians in the soviet army, solders and officers, teachers and doctors, against the Ukrainians in the authorities, which were shot in the back by “pseudo heroes”.
On April 16, 2008, Kharkiv city council, according to the issue, “abolished with the majority of votes the decision of the executive committee of the Kharkiv city council of September 30, 1992, about the permission to construct a sign to commemorate 50 years of OUN-UPA”.

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