The Cabinet of Ministers plans to introduce a draft bill to the Verkhovna Rada which will forbid the court question journalists as a witness in criminal proceedings. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko stated in at the today’s press briefing, Cabinet’s press service reported to ForUm’s correspondent.

‘Today we have adopted a new draft bill on the protection of professional activity of journalists. You know there were 7 acts, they were analyzed, all their defects, and now one singe legislative act is made, which enables additional social protection for the journalists, in any circumstances,’ said Prime Minister.

According to her, the legislative act provides non-interference in the activity of a journalist and mass media.

‘Also, there is no more control of the content of the message,’ said Tymoshenko.

‘Journalists will be protected from any administrative pressure, because like doctors, psychologists and priests, they can’t be questioned as a witness in court. Particularly, concerning the information they have obtained during the interview,’ said Tymoshenko.

She also noted that it is yet a draft bill and journalists can introduce the improvement.


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