President Viktor Yushchenko characterized elections of Kyiv mayor and Kyiv Council People’s as democratic. He told Ukrainian journalists at a press conference in Winnipeg. President’s press office reports.

As to the results of the elections President thinks that Kyiv residents have shown that they want to see practical work of the politicians, rather than scandals and reciprocal accusations.

According to the President, the problem of the Kyiv elections is that their aim was not the life improvement Kyiv residents, reforms implementation in the capital, but the revision of the existing power in the city. “It was necessary for some political forces to bring indignation, not quite, revision. Because they thought they could do everything,” Yushchenko said.

According to the President, Kyiv residents had all opportunities freely to express their political likings at the polling stations. He emphasized that Kyiv elections on May 25 were held democratically.

President Yushchenko also urges political forces that have won the right to work in the Kyiv Council and the new Kyiv Mayor to unite in solving real problems in education, healthcare, transportation, etc as Kyiv citizens are expecting them to.


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