An exhibition of ancient icons and sculptures from the collection of President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko opens today at the Alexander Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. "The exhibition “At Altar of Times: Sculpture and Folk Icon of the 19th Century " will acquaint visitors with works made by craftsmen in various regions of Ukraine in the18th and 19th centuries," representative of the museum informs.

There are about 100 items at the exposition - small sculptures representing saints, crucifixes, as well as icons that were an integral part of the life of peasants and were kept in village homes. The shrines were created by unknown masters who lacked professional education and in their creative endeavor were conventionally were guided by the canonical rules for the representation of saints.

Only part of the collection amassed by the President of Ukraine will be demonstrated in Moscow constitute. As it is known, Viktor Yushchenko is a collector of not only icons and sculptures but also of ancient books, gonfalons, and pictures showing biblical scenes. The collection also includes objects of folk life, and Ukrainian national costumes.


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