The eight subunits of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are to receive certificates of conformity with NATO standards this year, the chief of the European integration department of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Borys Kremenetsky, said. Cabinet's press service reports.

According to him, the Ukrainian army already has more opportunities, than some other armies of NATO member states.

"If we analyze the state of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the countries that have already become NATO members, in particular, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, I can say that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are well trained and have more opportunities at many levels. Let us say, we have resources, which are available only in the United States, Britain and France. These are air transportations," he said. "We also have experience in engineering and medical support, training military subunits, airmobile troops and naval experts. These are the sectors where we can make our contribution," Kremenetsky said.

Ukrainian soldiers are scheduled to participate in 20 NATO exercises this year.


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