Mykola Katerynchuk the leader of European party of Ukraine addressed a letter to ForUm. The aim of the letter is to tell the truth to Kyiv city by means of mass media.

The letter is addressed to all Kyiv citizens, People’s deputies, leaders of political forces, VRU speaker, PM and President of Ukraine.

Katerynchuk considers that appointment of single candidature for position of Kyiv city from democratic coalition is a mere humiliation for Kyiv citizens.

“Two years ago, people elected Leonid Chernovetsky for a position of Kyiv mayor. Only third of the Kyiv population supported him. In particular they are mostly poor people who are glad for buckwheat ration. So the majority of Kyiv citizens does not consider Chernovetsky a real mayor. He is a mayor who legally holds his position but do not have much support…

Who is guilty?

We are guilty – law makers. We did not provide Kyiv citizens with proper law that would allow them to choose proper mayor. As a result of this there were constant conflicts between power and Kyiv authorities.

Why cant people choose a mayor whom they really support and want to see at this position? Why should the choice of Kyiv mayor be taken in lobbies and depend on agreements between party leaders? The power should not fear the people that the only possible way to change Chernovetsky is to vote for a politician whom the power has chosen.

We fought in Maydan not for this. But now politicians, who come to power through Maydan try to change rules of game and to impose Kyiv citizens “a choice without a choice” –appointment of mayor in their own offices…

It is time to tell the truth to people!

Chernovetsky and his team happened to be in power because of imperfection of law. That’s why it is necessary not to waste time in political intrigues but to adopt a law which will regulate the procedure of elections of Kyiv mayor in two rounds. The given law will allow to elect the most strong candidature in the first round who will compete in the second round. This is the very way the mayors of European countries are elected…

Kyiv citizens must see new politicians who are able not to continue political conflicts, bribery of poor people, plunder of public land and property but to implement development program…

What is necessary to do?

First of all I offer to form a group of experts which will improve the law on elections of Kyiv mayor in two rounds.

Secondly, I can submit own candidature for elections from European party of Ukraine. I am ready to show the Kyiv citizens a real program of development of the city and submit my team which is able to realize it.

I offer all political forces and independent candidatures who are able to solve problems of Kyiv to submit their candidatures for a position of Kyiv mayor.

I call the Kyiv population, People’s deputies of Ukraine, chairmen of parliamentary factions and leaders of political forces, VRU speaker, PM and President to support my initiative and do everything possible to provide people with transparent, democratic elections and give them possibility to make the best choice.

Mykola Katerynchuk,

Leader of European party of Ukraine."

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