Next year the real GDP growth is expected at 6.6%, according to the consensus forecast worked out by order of the Economy Ministry. Cabinet's press office reports.

In money terms, the nominal GDP in 2009 will total UAH 1.108 trillion. The share of budget revenues in GDP will grow from 30.8% in 2008 to 32% next year. Apart from this, the national debt level with relation to GDP will remain unchanged - 12.6%. At the same time, in money terms, it will grow from UAH 112.3 billion to UAH 145.6 billion.

The consensus forecast is drawn up every quarter by order of the Economy Ministry. Also, the National Bank, Finance Ministry, Economy Minister, National Academy of Sciences, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, as well as a number of consulting companies, contribute in the forecast drafting independently. Their findings are used for forming the average showings.


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