People’s deputy from Party of Regions Borys Kolesnikov commented on “democratic” initiative of People's deputies from Lviv regional council, who demand to forbid Party of Regions.

In particular, Kolesnikov noted that such intentions are absurd and said: “To forbid Party of Regions means to forbid the sunrise.”

“I would like to tell all so-called patriots that PR and regions which it presents have made the most contribution to independence of Ukraine, they have provided economic independence of the country.

As to some politicians who head these so-called patriots who try to bury democracy by their prohibition, I would like to tell them the following. “Having learnt national hymn and putting hand near the heart (or wallet), they sing that hymn together and that is enough to be considered patriots. What about the East that is working day and night to provide economic independence? Only Donetsk region gives 25% of GDP. I consider this is a real contribution in independence of Ukraine,” he said.


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