By its resolution the Government will oblige NJSC “Naftohaz Ukrainy” to repay gas debts. As Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko told, such resolution would be approved today at the Government sitting, government press service reported.

At that she noted that the mentioned document “will be approved in absence of any contracts, acts and documents which NJSC “Naftohaz Ukrainy” can set in the book-keeping”.

Yulia Tymoshenko expressed regret at continuing pressure on Ukraine and the Government with the purpose of preserving shadow machinations in the system of natural gas supplies. “This is inadmissible,” the Prime Minister stated.

According to her, today the Government, in absence of any signed contracts and other documents will spare no effort to pay for the consumed gas. According to Yulia Tymoshenko, the Government’s resolution will comprise the same matter as the previous resolution which was approved for regulation of the situation with debts for October, November and December last year. “We will oblige NJSC “Naftohaz Ukrainy” to pay on the basis of the Government’s resolution. Yulia Tymoshenko is sure that adoption of such document will allow overcoming a situation dictated on Ukraine on natural gas.


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