Actions of current power are aimed at “seizure of key positions” before presidential elections. Leader of Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych said that today, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

He noted that today actions of orange power are very often unprofessional. According to him, “these actions are aimed at seizure of key positions taking sight at presidential elections.”

Yanukovych stated that current power did nothing for earning money but only started distributing everything that was earned by previous government.

According to him, aim of the current government is to make people remember it by giving money. At that he added: “Who will earn money when all money will be given and distributed?”

Yanukovych stressed that current power plans to sell everything that has strategic potential of Ukraine. This power strives to be in power as much as possible and then to bang the door and go at next elections, blaming everybody for own losses apart from itself.

He noted that “we are again in long political and economic crisis. But we still have not solved the crisis after holding of early parliamentary elections.”


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