The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will not hold any plenary sessions this week, as the coalition and the opposition have not reached mutual understanding. Member of the “Our Ukraine – People’s Self-defense” faction, Roman Zvarych, stated in an interview with journalists on Wednesday.

“The consultations have no results, as the opposition lay down new demands,” he said. In particular, according to Zvarych, the Party of Regions faction demands to withdraw the signature of the VRU speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the letter on Ukraine’s joining NATO Membership Action Plan.

Besides, Zvarych notes that the “regionals” demand to fix in the daft resolution concerning NATO the date of referendum on Ukraine’s joining NATO. According to him, the opposition insists this referendum to be held within half a year.

Besides, another demand of the opposition is the stoppage of all actions concerning Ukraine’s membership in the Alliance.

Member of the OU-PSD has noted that the faction is interested in deblocking of the VRU work so that the first-priority questions to be voted.

Zvarych has noted that the OU-PSD faction is not against the question on Ukraine’s joining NATO to be discussed in the session hall. But the coalition insists that all draft resolutions must be voted in accordance with their registration in the VRU.

As a reminder, on February 5 the parliament was not able to start the efficient work. Representatives of the opposition have been blocking the VRU podium, demanding to withdraw the letter signed by President, speaker and PM on joining NATO Membership Action Plan.


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