Leader of the OU-PSD Vyacheslav Kyrylenko explained in an interview with parliamentary journalists why speaker of the parliament Arseniy Yatsenyuk didn’t close the sitting of the VRU. ForUm’s correspondent reports.

“The sitting wasn’t continued because after the announcement of half an hour break People’s deputies from the Party of Regions and the CPU blocked the VRU chairman in his office,” Kyrylenko said.

According to him, in the morning the coalition helped the speaker to continue the VRU sitting. “I think we will think how to secure the Ukrainian democracy and Ukrainian parliamentarianism from constant blocking of the VRU podium by the PR and communists,” he noted.

Leader of the OU-PSD informed that tomorrow the consultations between leaders of the VRU factions would be continued.

At the same time, People’s deputy from the Party of Regions Nestor Shufrych in his interview with parliamentary journalists didn’t confirm information that VRU speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk was blocked in his office by representatives of the Party of Regions.

According to Shufrych, at the moment the consultations between Yatsenyuk and leadership of the Party of Regions are being held.


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