Interior Minister of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko is not going to resign. He said that today at the press conference, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

Lutsenko informed about incident happened on January 18 after the NSDC sitting. He reminded that at the sitting he stated on necessity to stop illegal actions of state land distribution.

According to Lutsenko, after that Kyiv Mayor made a speech at the sitting, having accused Lutsenko of blackmail of land, otherwise, according to Chernovetsky, Lutsenko promised to arrest Chernovetsky’s son.

After the NSDC sitting Lutsenko called Chernovetsky and expressed his indignation, after that Chernovetsky kicked Lutsenko’s leg. It was followed with Lutsenko’s slap to Chernovetsky. Lutsenko also called Chernovetsky a liar and drug addict.

According to Interior Minister, he submitted to the prosecutor’s office written explanations concerning his actions and wrote application with demand to institute criminal proceedings against Chernovetsky.

Lutsenko stated that on Monday or Tuesday he would appeal to the court as private individual concerning state accusation. Lutsenko expressed hope that he would find justice in Ukrainian courts.

According to the Minister, the Prosecutor’s office has been under pressure recently. Besides, he is very surprised that criminal case concerning him was signed by deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv, but not Prosecutor himself, in spite that corresponding cases of Minister must be signed by head of the Prosecutor’s office.


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