Poland has facilitated visa procedures for Ukrainians by curtailing the list of application requirements. From now on, the applicants are not asked to submit the data on their previous and current employment, remuneration, ID number, photocopied internal passport data, and, to the relief of most applicants, a bank statement. However, the new rules stipulate that documented evidence of the applicant's employment and solvency should be available on demand. Cabinet's press-service reports.

The new rules notwithstanding, hundreds of applicants are still lining up day and night at the Polish consulate in Lviv.

Some 700 people picketed the Consulate January 15 demanding facilitation of the visa regime for Ukrainians and the speediest conclusion of an agreement on local transborder movement between Ukraine and Poland.

Ukraine suggests that Poland establish a 50-km inland zone along its border on Ukraine to set up facilitated transborder movement for individuals with residence record of at least three years.


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