Draft bill on changes introduction to the Constitution (concerning restriction of People’s deputies immunity” is registered in the VRU. The authors of this draft bill are chairman of OU-PSD faction Vyacheslav Kyrylenko and chairman of BYuT faction Ivan Kyrylenko.

The draft bill foresees changes introduction into the Constitution, by means of following changes of article 80: “Article 80. People’s deputies are not judicially responsible for results of voting or expressions in the parliament, except responsibility for insult or slander.”

“Because of total immunity in Ukraine it was impossible to institute criminal proceedings against People’s deputies. Total immunity led to impunity, flourishing of political corruption, embezzlement of state property and permissiveness,” the explanatory note to this draft bill says.

Authors of the draft bill noted that necessity to change article 80 of the Constitution concerning People’s deputies immunity was urgent need, but because of these or those political actions, adoption of such changed was always postponed or broken.


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