Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko is ready to hold the position of the vice Prime Ministers on preparation for the final part of the football championship Euro 2012. Tymoshenko stated at the meeting dedicated to preparation for Euro 2012. Maybe, new positioning the government will be introduced on January 16.

President of the Ukrainian Football federation, Hryhoriy Surkis, proposed his own project of arrangements on preparation for the Euro -2012. “We decided to help the government, so we have prepared the structure which will enable to start the serious work,” Surkis stated. According to the plan proposed by Surkis, the main role during the preparation for the Euro-2012 will be dedicated to organs of the executive power, under which the profile subdivisions must be formed.

According to the Prime Minister, discussion of new scheme of the preparation for the Euro-2012 at the level of the government is necessary because the previous government almost has completely spoiled this preparation work. “One person must answer for this preparation. If there are several heads, we will complete the preparation with the worst results,” Tymoshenko said, making it very clearly that propositions of Surkis will not be supported.


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